Ice Dams can be a fact of life, or are they?

Ice dams can be a fact of life in snowy areas of the country, but they can be reduced or even eliminated with proper insulation and venting.

With the return of winter, 

Ice damming can affect many homes in and around Montreal and Laval. Quebec is very well known for some very harsh winters... I am asked how to get rid of ice damming and icicles on numerous occasions. Here is how ice damming occurs. Its not an easy answer and takes time, patients and understanding of the systems and components you are working with. It is best reserved for the professional but a solid home inspector or home inspection company can help you save energy consumption and material life expectancy allowing a you financial payback that can not be scoffed at.

Ice dams 

Ice dams (and icicles) form when snow melts due the the heat in the attic being transferred/transmitted through materials/objects. The snow melts and freezes over the unconditioned eave. The more the snow melts the thicker the layers of ice become.

As the ice keeps building in height, water accumulates behind the dam above the heated attic space. When the dam water is high enough, the water level rises and works it way under the shingles to find an entry way under the shingles, barrier, and sheathing then into your home.

Generally speaking, if an attic space is unconditioned, has no purposely manufactured heat, it should be as relative in temperature and humidity as the outdoors. The likelihood of icicles and ice damming would be greatly diminished.

Need help defining your attic venting?

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