Everyone regards their home a castle, themselves the king among their landholdings. But is the castle in your community a common---er?

Everyone regards their home a castle, themselves the king among their landholdings. But is the castle in your community a common--er?
The short and truthfully answer would be a resounding..."Yes." 
Most houses/homes and castles are commn---er than you think. 

Even a well built and well maintained house/home or castle will continually have a few things that are in less than splendid status. With allot of times very common right from the start.

Common---er By Nature. 

We are not all perfect and common by nature, but we can learn! 
Was it poor installations, improper materials or not following the manufactures recommendations or ops, I forgot about maintenance?
In most cases homes are common by nature.

As all people are different, yet common by nature, like the trades being designed the same, to benefit the best over all application, where does the rubber hit the road when failings start to appear.

It all looks good to the untrained eye. 
Even Realtor's or investors having viewed thousands of homes will mistakenly bypass what are defects and deficiencies. Some very substantial by the way.

As for the builder, running a crew can have its own challenges. 
Then the heart of the matter, when does money affect what is to be built and/or maintained?

We are not all perfect but we can learn!  

Some Common--er defects and deficiencies.

I have some common---er defects and deficiencies to share with you. I see them allot in old and new homes. Lets see if we can learn something from these repetitive conditions and who is the best person to observe them and make the proper referrals.

Here are a few things most commonly found reviewing/assessing/observing and inspecting a house/home and castles that you will purchase, plan on purchasing, sell or even plan on building.

Parts of the House/Home/Castle.

Roofing Issues:  
The number 1 complaint by home owners are roof leaks. 
It can be from defective installations, by not adhering the the manufacturer's recommendation, installation procedures or common maintenance issues.

Every thing form flashings or coping issues, defective roof coverings, the materials I was talking about.

What do I see? Lifting Nail or know as nail pops for slang, holes that will allow weather/water, When I go inside the home I see ceiling stains, or in the attic I observe roof sheathing deterioration, etc.  
The building is only the beginning of the house/home/castle. It is important to get all repairs on a roof performed no matter how minor it may seem to prevent leakage from the roof. Proper workmanship and maintenance being the key.


Structural Elements/components can be anything from posts/girders,beams, joists to truss modification by a non professional.Even detached metal gusset plates in trusses. 
The most frequently observed, over Notched/bored joists to pass utilities seems regular. 

No prejudice when it comes to houses/homes/castles. They can be new or pre-owned homes. Then deteriorated wood members. close contact to the ground, unsealed wood, Mostly exterior but the rim-band in homes with basements does not go unscathed. In homes where the home owner remodeled their basement, bearing points and the lack of bearing walls.


Electrical Concerns that are most prevalent as I observe house/home or a castle that have been altered by a king of the castle performing their own electrical changes. Or that handyman, all in one gut so he says, yet does not work for a qualified company or earn the money that tradesmen earn. Electricians cab earn $125 hourly. That ain't bad!
I guess he was just being kind to the home at $20.00 hourly and go back to his day time job make 70$ less than what a, electrical tradesman makes.. 
As I expressed above, we all all different.

Double tapping a breaker or the wires crossed in a reciprocal or switch are very common. Hunny why does the incandescent lights burn out so often? 

A real safety concern to me, like I said, we are all different, GFCI's not installed properly or at all. 
Splices in wires or even inadequate outside junction boxes or boxes without covers  Electrical concerns like frayed wiring, fuses switches in older homes.


Common plumbing issue run the gambit. 
PB Speedways and inexpensive on off valves being the most common. Even in brand new homes, it is common to identify minor plumbing defects.
Low water pressure, or is it?
are what I see commonly.
Blocked aerators. 
Minerals clog them. Maintenance being the issue again.
Second would be loose facets and fixtures.
Inadequate caulking and ventilation are close third.
Loose commodes/toilets.
These speedways to the left are sold and accepted as a plumbing speedway and easy for the DIY guy or home owner to install but they have issues with longevity. 
They tend to let go. so consider when you are away from the home for a prolonged period of time and the weakest link in the chain goes.


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