Always great information out there when you go looking.

Always great information out there when you go looking. In this case it is Anrea Bourke Real Estate Broker in Montreal Quebec. Her blog is fresh and informative. Here is a sample of her work.

Go All In With Kitchen Reno

Renovating your kitchen can be a very stressful and expensive experience. It can also be one of the wisest upgrades you make in your home, as kitchens are still at the top when it comes to return on renovation investments.

Style choice is usually what proves to be the greatest source of angst when renovating your kitchen – the fear that you will be disappointed in the end result, or if you are renovating to sell, that buyers won't be as impressed as you had hoped. It's a rational enough fear given the myriad of colours, finishes, and configurations, but if you remind yourself that ‘you can't please everyone' and stick to quality, mainstream finishes, your kitchen is bound to look fabulous.

When planning your new kitchen it is also important to keep in mind that it's often what you can't see that will make the biggest impression. Along with a modern design and finish, today's kitchens offer an endless array of conveniences that you and your family will enjoy daily, ones that prospective buyers will appreciate, too.

Go all-in with your kitchen reno plans. Consider some of these popular, less obvious conveniences;

Go all-in with your kitchen reno plans. Consider some of these popular, less obvious conveniences;

Warm Floor – You won't see this upgrade, but you sure will notice it – when you trudge down for your morning cuppa and your toes hit that warm tile. An ahhh-inducer if there ever was one.

Lighting – When we are in our kitchens we are usually doing something constructive. Ample lighting is essential! The range of lighting options today has never been wider – something to suit every need and taste. Reduce shadows and increase your enjoyment of the space by employing under-cabinet, spot and task lighting. If renovating to sell, remember that buyers are impressed by energy efficient options.

Soft-Close Doors/Drawers – You can spend hundreds of dollars on each cupboard door, but what may impress the most is a ten dollar ‘soft close' mechanism. Same goes for drawers. People love them!

Sink – The range of colours and materials has never been wider. Just remember that the trend is large and deep in sinks, big enough to take that slow cooker pot or turkey roaster. Custom dish drainers are also a hot item, particularly in smaller spaces. 

Drawer Organizers – Whether for cutlery, spices, or general organizational needs, there are a wide range of solutions to make the most of your drawer space. One look inside will impress purchasers.

Cabinet Organizers – No one wants to get down on their hands and knees to find that pot in the back of the cupboard. Pull-out cabinet organizers and racks are enhancing many traditional cupboard solutions and allowing us to make full use of hard to reach corners.

Waste/Recycle Containers – Make it easy to organize compostables, recyclables and garbage in a clean, odour-free configuration. Pull-out options save bending.

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