Are my hard wood floors shrinking, or are my eyes getting supper magnification
NOOOO...My hard wood floors are shrinking!

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Gaps between the strips or hard wood flooring.
The point of acclimating for wood flooring components, like hard wood floors or engineered flooring, is to address acclimatisation. To allow  any abnormal relative moisture  to escape and to allow the flooring material to adjust normally within the conditioned space.

Temperature and relative humidity is typically different between any manufacturing stages, material storage facilities, and the new conditioned space the wooden flooring material is being introduced to.

1: Once milled, the flooring should be stored in dry, well-ventilated and maintained warehouse before shipment to job sites. This allows the material to remain relatively unchanged in dimension and to avoid  excessive over handling  which make case mechanical damage.

2: Before any wooden flooring is delivered, the work site must be assessed to determine if all the components are ready to accept the material. Wood should not be delivered if a work site conditions are excessively moist. Otherwise, one material will absorb moisture from the other material. The effects  of excessive  onsite moisture on materials can affect the  manufacturer's performance long after the job has been completed.

3: The Builder's Checklist" can assist as a pre-installation evaluation of the work site. Problems identified while completing the checklist should be brought to the attention of the general contractor or owner before installation is begun.

The wood flooring industry has done a good job in recent years communicating the message that wood flooring is a dynamic material subject to changes in dimension as a result of changes in humidity in the surrounding environment. 

The message has to get through to the installers.
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