Over current protection. Gauge the gauge. Look for amateurish installations. 

What GAUGE should a home's electrical service wiring be as compared to a breaker size in a household panel?

What happens if the wires are undersized?

Choosing the correct wire gauge within a  home is important. 
The service wiring sizes that run from an electrical distribution panel or (load center) breaker to the various  electrical outlets (receptacles/switches) for appliances is crucial. You do not want a wire to act as a fuse and burn should a short circuit occur.

Below are the corresponding wire gauges as recommended for the size of the breaker, or overcurrent protection device/s, installed in residential first point of services or mechanical service electrical panels or (load center.)

Amateurish installations.

What occurs if there is mechanical damage reducing the wire  GAUGE  due to amateurish installations?
Amateur Electrical Work Can Be Dangerous.

Circuit breakers are overcurrent protection devices (OCPD) that are designed to break the circuit and prevent equipment damage or fire. When too much current runs through a circuit the heat in the circuit exceeds the breaker 's load rating and it trips, shutting off the electrical power. Proper sizing eliminates overloads and insures safe electrical operation. Circuit breakers are designed to carry 100% of their rated current while the NEC dictates an 80% application.

A commonly misunderstood fact about circuit breakers (CBs) is related to the percentage of loading permitted by the NEC and the CB design, and why the two may be different. Let's investigate both aspects.
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Moreover the wire's gauge must not be altered.

https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/working-with-wire/how-to-strip-a-wireThe installer must pay attention to the work he does.  By reducing wire size and increasing it again, creates resistance which creates heat. While Working with Wire strippers the installer must ensure there is no mechanical damage/. That the wires are all in accordance with  the NEC requirements  when attached to a breaker terminal and under lugs.



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