Wood fibre saturation

In wood fiber saturation, when wood is wet, there are fundamentals to understand wet wood and the damage that can occur from continued or continuing saturation.

The dependability of wood often coincides with water, but that doesn't mean wood can never get wet. Let's take wood and wood products in a building setting. 

Wood fiber saturation / When wood is wet.
Wood under a microscope and scientifically. Softwoods utilized in a building structure, softwood more than hardwood's, in their anatomical body, but nevertheless wood is a hygroscopic. This means it naturally takes on and gives off water / moisture, to balance out its surroundings. You can almost think of the relationship as the cells of wood absorbing and dispersing moisture.

Wood fiber saturation / When wood is wet.
In Canadian wood fame construction, which there is an abundance of, wood is most often connected to objects in it's/the environment. So the hygroscopic properties of wood relate to wood saturation, the expansive and contraction properties that wood species, and wood movement in service.

Wood fibre saturation, and (MC) moisture content when wood is wet.

 (MC) or moisture content, a measurement of how much water there is in a wood, or moreover an object containing wood partials encapsulated, the fibers/cells, is relative to the wood itself.
The (MC) moisture content, moisture, is expressed as a (%) percentage of (MC) moisture content calculated by dividing "the weight of the water" in the wood by "the weight of the wood" itself.

Wood fibre saturation / When wood is wet numbers.

(2) Two important MC numbers to the equation; 19% and 28%.
We /they tend to call a piece of wood dry if it is at (<19%) moisture content or less. This would be wood Kiln or naturally dried. 
Wood Fiber Saturation, or when wood is wet expressed as (28-29%) percent moisture, depending on certain values, for the average wood species. The dependability of wood often coincides with water, but remember, as explained above, that doesn't mean wood can never get wet. 

In wood fiber saturation, when wood is wet, Measuring/calculating wood fiber saturation, (MC) moisture content, when wood is wet is important. for several reasons. It is important to know/note the amount of (MC) moisture content of wood, or wood in objects, the (MC) moisture content % percentage readings while assessing wood components.

Wood fibre saturation, (MC) moisture content & Equipment used.

Equipment to measure wood saturation, when wood is wet.
Measurement equipment to measure (MC) moisture content, there are typically divided into (2) two types (groups) of moisture meters used by home, building and property inspectors.

(1) Type One; Pin-type moisture meters. Destructive testing.
As for the gauge for measuring, electrical resistance between two points is used for wood, as well as or other hygroscopic materials.
An electrical circuit is used by driving two pins electrodes, the distance constant, into the wood or hygroscopic material/s or clad/covered substrate.

(2) Type Two; Pin-less meters. Non-destructive testing.
These moisture meters use radio frequency signals as the lever to penetrate the material being tested. On most, contact pads, placed upon the surface of the material or substrate being measured for (MC) moisture content.
DelMhorst Tech Check Plus disaster restoration moisture measurement equipment
Tramex MRHIII Radiometric Moisture meter
Fluke Ti300 60 hz. Infrared camera Moisture Detection

Wood fibre saturationside note

Side Note: Professional equipment allow ongoing documentation when surveying wood. Dedicated professionals create a visual representation of the moisture condition further allowing restorative work in a professional measured and efficient manner.

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