As Montreal's trusted home inspector I am often asked, How do I know how to prepare my home for the (4) seasons.
As Montreal's trusted home inspector, here are some Fall Maintenance Recommendations.

With fall here and winter closing in fast, lets look at some Fall Maintenance Recommendations outside the home.

1: Soil: No better time to build up the soil with a mix of back-fill and planting soil. Insure you build up any settled or soil erosion close the the foundation lost throughout the spring thaws, rains and summer shrinkage. This well help negate basement seepage from spring thaws and help avoid foundation settlement cracks.

2: Trees, Bushes, Plantings.
Trim back trees, bushes and remove plantings that will not regrow next year.
Insure bushes and plantings are not close to the home. Plantings can be moved away from the foundation when they are dormant.

3: Gutters & Downspouts.
Clean out Your Gutters. Clogged Dirty Gutters = Ice dams = Expensive home repairs for you next spring if eave icicles has been an ongoing cycle.
Might require added attic venting and insulation in the attic as well. We will get to that on our next blog, (Fall Maintenance Recommendations Inside)

Get out the ladder and dig out the leaves from your gutters before anything bad can happen to your home. Insure downspouts are away from the foundation by 6' to 8' feet discharging water away from the home. Remove downspout extensions once the temperature gets below freezing. Put them back on in the spring.

4: Caulk, Seal & Weather strip!
Look at wall openings: Windows, doors, penetrations and protrusions.
Look to see if the caulking, sealing or weather stripping are going their job.
Caulking shrinks, stretches, breaks, and detached from what it is/was applied to.
Seals/flashing's beak or degrade over time.
Weather striping get worn and ineffective.

Look at vents and louvers for the dryer, stove top and bathrooms.
Electrical conduit, pipes at the foundation or wall possibly from a air conditioner or heat pump compressors leading into your home through the veneer. Is the foam insulation in good shape?
Make sure everything is caulked, sealed and weather striped to stop wind, air/weather, moisture migrating into the wall assembly or the home.

5: Chimneys, Chases & B-Vents.
The chimney. Prepare your Chimney for use. Make sure the chimney is clean and in working order. Look at the crown at the top for cracks. There should be a ember guard and rain cap as well. It is also a good time to stock up on firewood. Only bring in enough to use for that day.
Chases. Make sure the siding material does not appear to have cracks, openings or damage.
B Vents. Look to see if a bird nested. Look at the vent housing to see if it shows signs of ware, is scorched or rusted. Insure it is far away enough from windows.

6: Roofs. Best left to the certified professional but if you maintain your roof you want to look at flashing's, caulked and sealed areas, roof vents, does the roof look worn, etc.

We will continue adding installments to Fall Maintenance Recommendations.
have a great day and remember our motto; Putting information where you need it most, "in your hands." Robert Knows Homes!


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